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Originally Posted by kendall.a View Post
I just can't get used to it. For me, I'm too used to having and using CD's and DVD's to play games.

I know that I'm probably odd or just too old to get with the new technology, but I just don't like Steam.
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Ah, I don't actually remember when was the last time that I actually bought a DVD. I used to be afraid if my discs would get scratched or something and often with a number of DVD's, I forget what all games I've in my collection. Other than that, the main advantage is that the games all stay updated, Steam always fix bugs and have latest versions of the games.

The major disadvantages that I can see are, you need to have a pretty fast internet connection for the purpose, and certain few games needs to be connected to the internet continuously to be played, although this number is actually very few.
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