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Default Convergence Or Confusion: Comparing Apple’s And Microsoft’s Approaches To Post-PC

"In a lot of ways, with Windows 8, Microsoft got the jump on what Apple seems intent on doing with OS X and iOS: a convergence of desktop and mobile computing. But the approaches both companies are taking to changing consumer computing habits are very different, and both strategies have their merits and their pitfalls."

"Microsoft’s is definitely the braver strategy; the company must know it’ll make users uncomfortable with a change this significant... and one that should prepare users for the final step of doing away with told paradigm altogether next time around."

"Apple, on the other hand, is slowly making over its desktop experience, in a way that should ease the transition for users, but will ultimately keep desktop and mobile computing as distinct experiences for a lot longer..."

"Ultimately, while I respect the direction Microsoft is taking, Apple’s is the better to retain and grow loyalty as the world transitions from one kind of computing to a new model, the final look of which isn’t at all clear at this point. In fact, Windows 8 may actually help Apple considerably in its own mission, by taking risks and conducting experiments with an extremely large user pool from which OS X engineers can learn a lot. As has often been the case, Apple will watch Microsoft’s attempts to forge the future of hybrid computing experiences and take what it needs to jump ahead down the road. Great artists steal, after all."

Source: Convergence Or Confusion: Comparing Apple’s And Microsoft’s Approaches To Post-PC
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