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If you can view it, you can save it. If they have placed the images on public view, then you could save them - unless they have gone to some lengths to stop you doing that - in which case you should maybe get the message...

This applies to images presented in most ways, ie in a slideshow or rotator. To save Flash and other vid-types you need a special grabber but there are tons of those, google for 'youtube video downloader' etc.

For images, right-click, choose View Image, and if it's there, it's there. Otherwise Save the entire page and pix should be in the gfx folder. Firefox is bad at that job so you might want to use another browser. Even the Ffx plugin for full-page saving doesn't work properly on simple gfx sometimes.

Or get an URL off of an image or two then navigate to that directly on the server.

But if they are trying to stop you doing that then maybe there's a reason - like, you're not welcome for instance.
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