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Like Windows, Linux includes security enhancements within updates but I've never known anyone to be compromised by anything using a distro no matter how old. IMO the only crucial factor might be when the repos get turned off although by that time I guess users would have long since removed any need to automatically install new software.

Certainly since Gnome 3 and it's variants arrived, the reliability of the Gnome desktop has taken a big hit and I can fully understand why some folks want to stick with something that "works" and can be customized by drag and drop instead of having to learn a coding language.

I have mixed results with USB live sessions. Some won't launch at all and in others functions are unreliable. I see advice about using different USB creating programs but I find UNetbootin to be the most reliable, although more so when used in Windows. I also get better results by formatting the drive every time, rather than just overwriting it. I always try this first and if it doesn't work, I burn a DVD instead if I think the distro in question is worth this extra effort to try.
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