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Default Linux Distros, How Old Before Becoming obsolete?

I like many others love to try new Linux distros, Its has actually turned into a hobby of mine. Once I customize a operating system and demonstrate that it performs the way I want I put the distro on my short list for semi-permanent use. (I plan on using it for a year or more). Distro that don't play nice with my games or video card quickly end up in the round file.

There are LTS distro's that will be kept up to date for up to 5 years so that begs the question how old is to old? I ran across a good discussion HERE :
Lastly, since there are some good apps for using USB Pendrives in place of Live CD's so there is no need to have stacks of CD's laying around. Pendrives are also useful due to Distro's quickly becoming larger than the max size a CD. Both of these reasons make it easier to try new Distro's

I'm curious to see what the folks here at Gizmo's feel about the subject.

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