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Before I posted my question on Sandboxie (on other question) for a mobile phones, I'd checked Gizmo's Freeware and could not find anything about a sandbox for Android. I've checked your link also but could not find any info on Sandbox for Android.
Also, I have a VERY limited knowledge about smart phones.
I think, if they - smart phones - are similar to computers, should they have similar apps?
I've read a lot of postings in the GF mobile forum, but most of them are related to some kind of games, of "leisure time" entertaining apps.
I've been a latecomer to use smart phones; therefore, I'd like to start with the basics.
I've noticed that gazillions of "experienced" smart phone users could show you so many "cool" apps but, on the other hand, have almost zero knowledge what's going on inside their phones.
Any info from experts at this forum about the foundation of smart phones would be greatly appreciated.
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