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Yes I also do that , clear the cache, data then uninstall to minimize the leftovers .
The trouble with apps is you really have try them to find out if they work for you, for example just lately I wanted a music player app to replace the stock installed rather limited music app I've already tried 5 and not liked them and moved on to try another so that 5 lots of leftover data so I know at some point in the future i will have to do a factory reset to clear out all the unused data even so that when I do uninstall app I try to be as thorough as I can.
I suppose my best plan of action will be to back up my contacts photos data like that do the factory reset and then re-install all my app from the market ( they should all still be listed under my apps , at least until the market / google play store updates) .
I'm quite sure that even so I won't have deleted anything as such because I'll be putting the same stuff( data / apps ) back on my phone I should still gain some memory space.
I'm going to take a look at the Clean Master app myself I think because I want to put off doing the factory reset for as long as I can.
Oh and I use Titanium backup and Samsung Kies to back-up my data. It sort of goes with out saying Samsung Kies is only for Samsung phones.
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