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Default Virtual Desktops

Just been reading reviews of Virtual Desktop software, and installed MSVDM for XP on my laptop. I've tried many others on my desktop PC running Win7 64bit, but the outcome is always the same, and MSVDM is no different. Whatever I do to one desktop happens to them all. Remove a shortcut icon from one, and it's gone from the rest as well. Change the background colour on one, it changes on all the others too. I have never once managed to make a single desktop different in any way at all from all the rest.
Is my expectation of virtual desktops wrong? Am I expecting something from them that they are not designed to do? If so, what is it they are supposed to do? I cannot see the point in having multiple identical desktops. I have always tried all available switches and options in all the programs I've tried - to no avail. It's been very frustrating.
From the start of my search, all I wanted was to have two desktops; my 1st as normal, the 2nd showing only a full-screen calendar month, using Interactive Calendar, stretched across the entire desktop.
Is what I want possible by other means, because it appears that the virtual desktops approach won't do it?
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