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Default How to hold your hands.......

Tried to reply to a "Computer health" article;

but I am unable to post there, as the spam filter prevents it. Maybe it will work here?

Check out these sites for information on how to sit properly, how to set up your workstation, and "How to hold your hands";

One final point, if you wear bifocal spectacles, or similar optical aids, then you may not be able to use them on an optimal ergonomic workstation, as you will end up with a painfully stiff neck and shoulders as a result of tilting your head backwards in order to see properly. You need "normal" reading spectacles for this, and better if they are set up by your opthalmologist/optician for the right distance from the screen.

For Firefox users with problems seeing stuff on large panel screens etc. Then I can recommend this;

Regards....Mike Connor

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