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Originally Posted by autoexit173 View Post

With Linux firewall, i don't have to worry about ports and policies like in windows firewall?

Example: With Widnows OS i am using Comodo free firewall, which allows your own application policies and have options to allow or block or limit different ports. But since i don't know what all the ports mean besides 443 and 563 which are ssl, i am just going to leave them as default.

This is something else you can easily get bogged down with and enjoy much head scratching and heartache during the process.

Basically, Linux firewalls do what they are meant to do so long as you remember to switch them on (not all are auto-start). Rest assured that if they didn't, or if a new flaw was discovered, this would be very quickly patched by the Linux community.

Although many of the so called firewall tests are pretty meaningless (especially Matusec ), if passing tests is important you may want to press a couple of buttons in your ICMP settings to block ping responses and achieve "true stealth" for what that's worth.
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