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thanks a lot guys... sorry for the late reply, been busy with work.

anyway i've tried using lsp, i cannot get to work.. after 2-3 seconds of loading my whole pc froze.

so i tried using kororra live cd = which was very easy to use but i find it has no security features besides it own firewall. all it is its just a firewall that says firewall=yes.

also i tried knoppix = it was easy to set up and use, but has no security feature besides ssl certification which is useless considering all the top banks have their websites ssl secure. for some reason using knoppix i cannot log into a certain bank online. it just says it will load the internet banking page but stays their. this is happens to bitdefender safepay.

i also tried ubuntu = this is the easiest to use and follow, but has no security feature besides delete track records. but for some reason using ubuntu i can log in to all my bank accounts while kororra didn't work with all banks.

my only concern using linux live cd is;

1. kororra uses old firefox 13 and ubuntu uses firefox 14. from alive cd i cannot update the firefox version.

i cannot really update any software batches because i am running the software from a dvd with all my hdd unplugged.

2. running from a live cd (dvd) ubuntu, kororra has no strong firewall, or secure encryption protocol, if it does i don't see it on live cd.


a) with windows its always a good idea to update windows, browsers before using, with live cd i know you're running the operating system from a cd/dvd, which no virus or trojans can load their bad stuff onto you're OS, unless you press yes to everything.

anyway so basically even though i most likely won't get a virus because i am running it from a live cd, will the data be secure using a older version of software transmitting my personal data with no firewall and real time protection? if it is safe can someone please explain how its safe?

b) if i want to install a strong firewall with antivirus, anti malware software that works with linux, what free programs will you recommend?

i just don't feel safe using a OS without a known firewall and real time protection.
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