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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Anupam might wanna move these posts - but will give him something to do.
Don't I have enough to do already?

Well, it would certainly help to keep content on topic, but here in Linux forum, there are so many things, and they intertwine with each other often, that it's hard to keep things on a single topic. Also, I do read posts here, but I just give them a look, because I don't use Linux. So, I generally leave it on other moderators to take care of things.

If dkhntr does feel that the posts are disrupting his thread, then I will move them to a different thread.

Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
Sorry Anupam I didn't mean stray from from the topic, but couldn't remember where MC's earlier post was concerning Zorin.
You could always use the search facility
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