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Bit more expansion on Zorin 6. Please excuse the spazmodic posts but I'm struggling big time to maintain a connection today so I'm coming on in bursts.

It's important to fully update the system after installing it, but be prepared to import around around 400mb of data.

On both my main PC and laptop, the update sequence froze at the point where I needed to accept or reject to keep/replace a changed config file. Nothing worked except to do a hard reboot, but in doing so the update process then continued to a proper conclusion (after starting it up again).

You will need to create a hidden .themes folder in your home directory if you wish to install additional themes. You will also get more choice out of the Awn applets by downloading the extras.

$ sudo apt-get install awn-applets-all

This plus a host of other info is in their very useful post-install guide.

Apart from the connection glitch which may not be Zorin anyway, I do get the odd error message but nothing has stopped working. From my experience this is typical of most Linux distros anyway, and Windows too come to that.

Google Earth installs and runs fine and Ubuntu One is already included so there's 5G of free synced stuff if you want it.

I use Thunderbird for my *mail, Chrome for browsing and Transmission for torrents. All run error free.

*The default tray icon for Thunderbird (when minimized) will show the number of new messages.

Getting the Dconf Editor via Software Center is a useful tool which you can use for, among other things, adding the date to your clock, changing font size and removing desktop icons.

The only major system change I implemented was to uninstall the default UFW firewall and replace it with Firestarter to get better control of ICMP settings.

Panel screenshot here:

Anupam might wanna move these posts - but will give him something to do.

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