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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
I have been meaning to ask you about your experience with Zorin. Is it using gnome3 and if so, is it using its own customized desktop.
It's very positive so far. There's possibly an intermittent glitch with the network manager and my DSL connection but the service from my ISP is so bad anyway, I can't tie this down to Zorin for sure.

They designed their own desktop with the W7 lookalike panel using Awn.

"Zorin Desktop embraces all of the latest and greatest Open Source software and technologies such as Gtk3 and other software from the GNOME 3 software stack, all without affecting the familiarity, usability and customizability of the desktop and retaining the Compiz window manager".

Home page plus Dedoimedo's review links here for anyone who might be interested:
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