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Default Is it o.k to do online banking with out of date live cd linux?

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend i did my online banking using Kororaa live cd.

Anyway i downloaded the latest version they have and used imgburn to burn on a dvd.

Anyway i boot up the linux os by only using boot from cd. What i notice is obviously if you just boot from the cd you cannot change anything because the os boots from a cd.

Since all people say the safest way to do online is through a live cd because that way you cannot really get a virus, keyloggers stealing your passwords, my question is if the firefox is using 13 and most up to date is 16.02, and if only boot from a cd, does it matter if my firefox is out of date?

If i install the linux to my hdd, obviously then i need to update everything to be safe right?

So if i just boot from cd, 99% of the time i should be o.k even though the linux os and its browser is out of date?
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