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For rooting the phone, you do not need to have a custom ROM. You can root a phone, but not install a custom ROM. Custom ROMs may make some improvements in the phone's capabilities, or enhance some features, but on the other hand, with some custom ROMs, some features might not work properly too. But yea, if you like to play around with things, then it would be fun to experiment with custom ROMs.

In order to install a custom ROM though, you need to root the phone. Rooting is a pre-requirement for it.

Rooting basically makes you an administrator of the phone, and opens up the special powers for the administrators, like uninstalling of pre-installed apps, access to the system files, etc.

So yea, if you are curious about it all, as I thought, then go for rooting.

Still, I will again advise as to read on the whole process, so you know what will be the best way to root your phone, and what are the pitfalls, what exactly are the advantages, etc. There maybe more than one way to root a phone for a particular model, so research well, in order to avoid bricking the phone.
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