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systemcrash, I believe you have recently bought your Samsung Galaxy SIII. It must be a fairly new phone. Also, SIII is quite a good phone in itself.

So, I would like to know why are you wanting to root the phone already? Also, why do you want to go for a custom ROM already... have you explored your phone enough?

Are there any features of the phone which you want improvements in... or, any other particular improvement you want in the stock ROM, because of which you are going for a custom ROM?

Or, are you just doing this, because it's all out there, and doing for the fun of it?

Because from what you wrote in your post, it does not seem that you feel there is much need to root the phone. There are not many apps that you would want to uninstall.

Also, SIII being quite a superb phone, one would not think that already you are facing problems with it, because of which you want to go for a custom ROM.

I am just trying to understand why you want to root your new phone, and go for a custom ROM, without any particular need, and spending only a few days on it... also running the risk of bricking your phone, and also risking getting the warranty void.

If you still want to go through, I will advise you to be careful, and properly research for the whole process... there is lot of material available on the internet. Research properly. I would also like to advise you, in case you don't know, that you should also backup your stock ROM before you install any custom ROM on your phone, so that in case you are not satisfied, or in case of problems, you can just install the stock ROM back. I don't remember the name of the app, but IO.Hazard will tell you about the app which backs up the stock ROM, and other things.
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