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Originally Posted by systemcrash View Post
(...) not to sure what the Roms are or how to choose the best one for my phone. And i need to find a good tutorial about how to do it safely. I would also like to know what are the best free apps for a rooted device.

guess im gonna have to do some research
ROMs are customized Android versions made by third parties. Sometimes a ROM can be made from scratch based on official Android code (like the famous CyanogenMOD) or it can simply be a "tweaked" stock ROM extracted from a determined device. Tweaked ROMs are also called "MODs" and they work only with specific phone models.

You can find a great and comprehensive SGS3 rooting guide at XDA Developers by following this link:

It covers the different SGS3 versions. Read it carefully and you'll succeed.

The best apps I can think of for a Rooted device are:

1. Titanium Backup (for app, call & SMS back up, bloatware removal, force move apps to SD).
2. ROM toolbox (provides an advanced and hassle-free system tweaking).
3. ROM Manager (If you want to install custom ROMs).
4. No Frills CPU control (Save some battery by teaching the CPU to change its behavior according to the task).
5. Avast! Mobile Security (This is an obvious one... :P).
6. ES File Explorer (A great file manager for rooted phones).
7. Notification Toggle (Use your notification tray to launch apps, switch your WiFi, etc. on/off, shutdown your phone, and more).

All of them are free (1,2 and 3 have a paid version, but the free version capabilities are more than enough).

Happy rooting

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