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Default Rooting android phone

Im considering rooting my samsung s3 although im not completely sure on the idea. There arnt that many default apps on the phone to consider as bloatware, and the ones that are installed but unused i have just put into a folder -out of site out of mind- So im not convinced on the idea of rooting the phone, I know i will get more access to the phones system and folders, but do i really need access to them? im doing fine without them at the moment....

Has anyone here rooted there phone? would like to know what kind of things other people have done with there rooted devices, it may convince me to go ahead with it.
Im also aware that rooting the phone will void my warranty however i came across this site So im thinking if i did root the phone if something ever went wrong with it i could follow this to Un-Root the phone so that the people inspecting the phone would be none the wiser that it was rooted so not void the warranty.
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