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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
"The report revealed that Facebook users spent more time accessing the social network on smartphones than on computers in March.

Facebook users spent an average of 441 minutes or 7 hours, 21 minutes accessing the social network via smartphones during the month. By comparison, users spent 391 minutes or 6 hours, 31 minutes checking out Facebook on PCs." - CNN
lol I think this can be explained by the fact people are super nosey ha ha, they need to know what everyone in the world that they know is doing at any given moment. Everyone I know has their phone set to notify via a beep of whatever when they get a message, a wall post , friend requests pretty much any facebook notification THAT WOULD DRIVE ME NUTS needless to say my phone isn't set to do facebook notifications
I suppose it depends what you do on-line , alot of people just spend time surfing and looking at stuff , doing their shopping and what-not .
My phone could never replace my laptop and in fact I'm looking in to buying a tower and even if i had the money I'd probably buy a windows 7 PC rather than a windows 8 because as I said before I think in another post I like to have a mouse in my hand and I don't even like touch-pads. <Just my 2 cent anyway.
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