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Agree with all the points raised above, especially about the clones, which I've also tried before plus one or two other Chromium browsers. And the thing is, I've never really taken to any of them. Some don't seem to develop much, and part of my thinking with Yandex is that they're a big company, lots of resources, so maybe they'll throw some of them at this browser and make it into something worth keeping. Time will tell.

Anyway, I've been using it quite a lot and it runs well. I noticed that, once installed, it's quite a hefty size, just over 200MB. The browser installs in Local Settings/Application Data. One of the folders contains the installer, there's a 102MB zip file in there which I uninstalled manually so now the installed size is 102MB. Still quite a size but there is the built in PDF reader to consider I suppose.

The extensions work well, WOT works perfect, and I've got Quick Boomarks organised to my liking. Used the Chrome Store to get extensions. On installation the browser imports bookmarks from your default browser, you can undo it by clicking the button if you don't want them. You can change the default search from Yandex (Russian version) to either Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search from the site or from the Smartbox (address bar) - clicking in the Smartbox also brings up the Tablou, an eight panel speed dial. You can pin your favourite sites to the Tablou via settings. You can also access your bookmarks, history and downloads from the Tablou window.

I've found the help section on the Website very useful, clearly written and easy to follow instructions for the various functions of the browser if you're not sure about something.

The built in PDF reader is very good, loads very quick, makes the file easy to read with zoom etc. As far as I can understand, by reading various reviews, the Opera Turbo feature will be added in the next version, so see what happens with that in the future. I'm also unsure just how, or if, the Kaspersky download scanner works yet. I've downloaded a few files but haven't noticed anything different - maybe in the cloud, but I'm not sure it's part of the browser until a later version. They say the browser will be updated 'every several weeks' .. so see what happens.

The browser (for me) isn't the fastest on start up, which I think may be due to the Tablou loading, but once it has started it's quick for browsing. The user interface is clean and minimal and it's easy to set up via the settings and advanced settings.

I don't have any other Chrome browsers installed so I've nothing to compare it to, but as I said I have tried them before and, from memory, this one compares well with them. It hasn't crashed once, it's very stable. I'll be away for a while now but when I get back I'll keep using it and see what future updates bring.
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