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Default Yandex Browser

Been trying this browser this evening, another Chrome clone from Yandex, the Russian search giants. Thought a while before posting about it to be honest, and it's probably only for the more adventurous, all things considered. But it intrigued me.

This is what they say about it;

It has one or two interesting things incorporated into it, Opera and Kaspersky are involved, you can read about it here;

License agreement is here, better to read it first;

There's a comprehensive help section here;

It runs well enough, has a decent built in PDF reader, Chrome extensions work ok. I installed WOT, Adblock and Quick Bookmarks from the Chrome Store and they work without issue. Messed about with the browser and got it set how I wanted it. Did some scans, everything clean.

It's not perfect, and I appreciate that it probably won't appeal to many, country of origin etc. .... plus it's just another clone.

Anyway, if your interested you can download the installer here;

or here for the full installer - 28mb - where it says 'click here' and which I used;

Might be interesting to see how it develops seeing as they're a big company and obviously after Google's share of the market in Russia - I find it odd that Opera are involved to be honest, them having the bulk of their share of the browser market in that country.

I'm going to keep using for bit and see how it goes ... fully accepting that all my search details and info may be going straight to the Kremlin. But if they're that desperate, they're welcome to it.
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