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Originally Posted by MC
Certainly the new found stability of KDE has pushed a lot of folks in this direction since Gnome 3 but why the heck is openSUSE at #5 in the distrowatch charts, and Korora at #84? Surely this can only be down to the type of marketing Chris cannot afford for the latter because Korora looks better, works better and is a hundred times easier to manage than openSUSE, especially for a Linux newcomer. I even saw the other day via their forum that someone had re-spun the latest openSUSE to include amongst other things the repos pre-configured. Marvelous!
I think people fall in love with a particular distro early on and they carry a flame for that distro forever. At one time I stuck with Simply Mepis no matter what. I finally tried Ubuntu (before the insanity) and moved on and never looked back. I settled with Mint Julia until Mint worked out the bugs in Mate. I'm using Mint 13 'Mate' now and I like it allot.

I reject the notion that Linux needs to be on bleeding edge when it comes to Operating Systems. There is a saying that explains my thoughts on the matter. KISS = "Keep It Simple Stupid"
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