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Default Install app to SD card

@ IO.Hazard I have noticed that... Some apps with no comments or ratings, still have a 5 star
Some brand new ones have a 5 star rating when they've only just been added.

On another note,

I have added a 8GB SD card into my phone, is there a way i can install and run apps straight from the SD card? without having to (root) the phone? I have tried App 2 SD (move app to SD) but on the Samsung S3 the app doesn't see the external storage, and there's nothing in the settings to change it to extSdCard (the name i got from a file manager that found the external SD card)

I also looked at backup to SD card, I had to point it to extSdcard in the settings. That seemed to work. Just wondering if there's a way to install app to the SD card?
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