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By default, the Android devices are not rooted. You have to root them yourself.

Rooting of a device, while a simple process, is risky, because if any mistake occurs while rooting, or not done properly, then the device may be bricked... means, it will just become useless, with no option to repair the device. Also, if it's rooted in the warranty period, then the warranty gets void, as said by Kendall above.

Therefore, I will also advise against rooting your phone. It should not be done by newbies at all, because of the risk involved. Rooting is not illegal, and it is also not wrong to root a device. It can actually give you more control of your device, like you can uninstall pre-installed apps, which otherwise cannot be uninstalled, etc. But, because of the serious risk involved of bricking the phone, and turning it into a dud, it's not advisable. Also, a normal user won't require to root a phone. A non-rooted phone will work just fine, without any loss in features.

Also, the features of Avast that are available on a rooted phone, are firewall, and some extra features of anti-theft. Firewall won't be important to a normal user, since they won't be able to deal with the alerts and settings anyways. As for anti-theft features, as I said before, the features available for non-rooted phone are sufficient enough.
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