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Juxxize, I had to move your post to this new thread, because, although your post was related to the thread in which posted previously, but it's still a different topic altogether, as you are asking for suggestions about antivirus.

Antivirus on Android is necessary... because there are malware on Android. It's only natural, considering it's one of the most used mobile platform.

Reading the review here :

I feel that Avast! is the better choice, considering your requirements.

Lookout is good, and as said in the review, it's one of the earliest antivirus for Android.. so in terms of malware detection, and removal, it's good, but in terms of other features, it lags behind other free antivirus.

It does not have a privacy advisor, and does not scan the web too I think. Plus, the anti-theft features too are less than what Avast offers. Plus, there is the high memory usage.

In terms of features available, Avast has a upper hand.
And although, a rooted device is required to access the full features of firewall, and anti-theft, but still, the anti-theft features offered for a non-rooted device seem sufficient enough.

Plus, it has a web shield, and sms/call filtering. Also, it has a privacy advisor, which will be helpful for you.

So, go for Avast is my suggestion. I personally use Avast on both PC and Android, and am quite happy with it. I will advise to install an antivirus first, and then, install other apps, as it will keep you safe.

Also, install apps from the Google Play store only, and not from other sites, because there are other sites offering apps too, but only few of them can be trusted. Apart from the Google Play store, the home site of the software can be trusted too, but only after seeing the WOT ratings and such. Most of the sites link back to the play store for downloading of app anyways. Some sites do offer .apk file separately though, which is good in case you do not have internet on the phone.
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