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Default Which is best? Lookout or Avast

Originally Posted by 4goTTen21 View Post
Yeah, virus suddenly appears. I think some AV vendors are needing customers
lol they do like to put the fear of god into us, it seems the AV software makers are the only ones who seem to think there is a major threat to our smartphones via malware and viruses .
I haven't had my android phone long but when I got it the first thing I did was look into security for it, I read endless reports and articles online from various sources and websites , and all but one said antivirus software was not necessary for android devices.
But in saying that alot of antivirus apps for android have built in anti theft which ( if it actually works and is set up correctly ) could prove very useful. Which leads me to my question in 'Best Free Security and Privacy for Android' guide on the site it mentions Antivirus Free - Lookout and avast! Mobile Security which is the best of the 2 ? any opinions would be great. I already have the Prey app because I already used it on my laptop so it made sense to me to install it on my phone too, but I also would like a sort off back-up anti-theft app with anti-virus just to be on the save side.
Any opinions, thoughts or advice would be greatly received, thank-you.
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