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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I tend to agree. I also think there is a concentrated effort by the marketing geniuses of mobile devices to manipulate users thinking in this direction

I remember when vacum cleaners were supposed to make a dustpan and brush redundant, yet we still have ours. There's also an advantage with this "outdated" technology in that when you drop your shiny new i-whatsit on the floor and it smashes into a zillion pieces, you cannot suck it up with a vacum cleaner, yet a dustpan and brush will do just fine
I think them marketing monsters want us on mobile devices because they can earn more or $$$ from us, you are right midnight i still and always will use my dust pan and brush ( might you in saying that 2 month ago i bought a new fancy pants vacuum cleaner i'm using my dustpan and brush less and less , i'll try not to stop completely using it in case it spells to end of the PC but at least my house is cleaner )
I love my android phone but I got it to use mainly as a phone and to do all the other stuff secondly . For all stuff computer related I'll always use my laptop PC
I love Gizmos, it is my bible
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