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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
Our readers aren't generally looking for information on how to setup Linux as a server but you never now when the information might come in handy.

BTW, you forgot to mention using Samba on a Linux box to act as a WINS server. Now that is useful.
Yes the targeted audience must be taken into account.

As for Samba as a WINS server...
You can see from my post, that
Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
As for contributing...
Not this time, but I'll think about posting "HOW" Linux can be USED as a
print server, file server, web/ftp server, DNS sever, DHCP server, domain controller,
vnc server, media server, database server, proxy, router, etc...
all while being a GUI desktop computer!!
I list DNS Server, Domain Controller and File Server
which all use Samba, (smb protocol), I didn't mention WINS
as it was replaced by DNS on the Windows side starting
with Windows 2000, and if you live in the Windows world
you HAVE to upgrade ($$) from time to time.

rikmayell, I have enjoyed this thread and look forward to your findings.

Installation and ease of use are real issues, that "new users" (compromise)
want and need to know about. You deserve to be commended for taking the time
to inform Future Linux Users of the possible installation pitfalls and comparisons
between distros.
Keep spreading the word, even if it's not so good

Good to see some activity...
The Linux section of this forum gets very quite for days at a time.
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