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I would say "from a USER'S perspective", what it can do and how easily it can do it, is what makes the difference. But isn't that true of any operating system and application software?

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Not this time, but I'll think about posting "HOW" Linux can be USED as a print server, file server, web/ftp server, DNS sever, DHCP server, domain controller, vnc server, media server, database server, proxy, router, etc... all while being a GUI desktop computer!!
Our readers aren't generally looking for information on how to setup Linux as a server but you never now when the information might come in handy.

BTW, you forgot to mention using Samba on a Linux box to act as a WINS server. Now that is useful.

If Linux is to succeed it has to accept 'bad press' as a fact of life. The driver issue isn't going to go away, Linux has a long way to go to catch up with Windows; there were over 30000 third party drivers available for Windows XP in 2005. The risk here of course is to put quantity ahead of quality. That's not something I would like to see happen, but while the driver gap remains the critics will continue.

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