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Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I'm just making my point, which if you haven't figured it out yet is...
Your coming to Linux from a Windows point of view.
(Windows = easy install, simple to use, familiarity)
Your article will judge particular Linux distros by the first Windows standard,
(how easy is it install).
Part 2 of the article will probably be...
How simple is Linux to use
Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
An operating system is just a piece of technology. Learn one, you can learn another. From the user's perspective it is ease of installation and use that makes the difference.
Remember, ease of use should be Part 2 of the article. (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Actually "from a USER'S perspective", what it can do is what makes the difference.

Maybe, from a "newbe wanting to try something different" ease of installation and
use makes all the difference.

Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
And finally, finally (), if you would like to contribute to how the testing is done, or the article itself, you are more than welcome to do so. Now, I can't say fairer than that, can I?
As for contributing...
Not this time, but I'll think about posting "HOW" Linux can be USED as a
print server, file server, web/ftp server, DNS sever, DHCP server, domain controller,
vnc server, media server, database server, proxy, router, etc...
all while being a GUI desktop computer!!

It's how you use it, not how easy it installs...

Don't get me wrong, the more Linux information out there the better,
but more Linux "bad press" over "it didn't recognize my webcam or monitor"
is not what is needed.

Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
What I've seen so far of the 'simple' ones have not impressed. The four I've tested so far all require you to boot the live CD and install from there. The installation process in each case assumes you are familiar with GParted and which file system (I've selected ext3 in all cases) to choose.
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