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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
The article is not intended for people who are familiar with operating systems in general, and/or Linux in particular.
If your not at least somewhat familiar with how an OS works in general,
then you shouldn't be messing around with installing a new one.
If you play with fire, you might get burned.

Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
They simply want something that is easy to install, if that is the route they decide to take, and 'just works.'
Then they want Windows, and should save us all a lot of grief.
They will probably tell everyone they know, how aweful this new "LINUX"
thing is, because it didn't automatically set up networking
(it didn't recognize the network card) and thank god they were able to
immediately re-install Windows.

Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
@debtboy: I have not, do not, and will not, write useless articles. I hope we are 100% clear on that point.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I'm just making my point, which if you haven't figured it out yet is...
Your coming to Linux from a Windows point of view.
(Windows = easy install, simple to use, familiarity)
Your article will judge particular Linux distros by the first Windows standard,
(how easy is it install).
Part 2 of the article will probably be...
How simple is Linux to use

What I'm saying is, Linux isn't Windows and should be judged by Windows standards.
It's a different animal, and takes a different point of view.
With almost unlimited configurability and flexability,
I would expect to have to know something about it and at the very least
answer some install questions.
"With power comes responsibility"

I never said your article will be useless, just meaningless.

Lets say I'm going on a deep sea fishing trip and arrive at the boat
where my friends are and instead of talking about fishing line, tackle
and bait, my friends want to know what kind of car I drove to get there.
The car I drove to get there is very important, but when it comes to fishing
it's meaningless.

IMHO, Linux is about fishing, not the car you drove to get there...
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