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The article is not intended for people who are familiar with operating systems in general, and/or Linux in particular.

Linux has generated considerable interest amongst those who simply want to be able to play with it (live CD), or install it, probably dual boot, as pointed out. We want to try and encourage people to give Linux a go, but have to accept that the average die hard Windows users isn't interested in GParted, guessing user passwords (Mepis) or bash. They simply want something that is easy to install, if that is the route they decide to take, and 'just works.'

To meet the 'just works' requirement they will want to be able to easily setup their internet connection, have common packages like Open Office and Firefox installed, and setup printing. There are probably other core requirements, so feel free to point them out.

@debtboy: I have not, do not, and will not, write useless articles. I hope we are 100% clear on that point.
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