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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
I'm currently working on simple Linux distros for an article on TSA. What I've seen so far of the 'simple' ones have not impressed. The four I've tested so far all require you to boot the live CD and install from there. The installation process in each case assumes you are familiar with GParted and which file system (I've selected ext3 in all cases) to choose.

When I've worked through them all the results will follow!
Installing from the LiveCD ain't that bad, you can get a glimpse of the OS to see if it suits you, check for compatibility issues, make sure everything works and etc before installing, but I doubt that most people will even bother with that part. It's one of the important points I would consider due to the 'fun' in Linux. Whereas installing it straight away is quite risky, not to mention you have to uninstall it if things didn't go according to plan.

The partitioning part of installation drives new users away, I can agree with that but that happens whenever you install an OS. Though there is always the choice of using the whole hard disk that most people ignore mainly because they want to go the dual-boot route.

I have to agree with debtboy, installation really is quite pointless to Linux users, to those who have never installed an OS before (those who have always used a pre-installed OS like Windows) will find the installation process to be a bit problematic. Yes, the installation process is quite important for new user. To Linux users (I mean, to me), the important thing is about the OS itself like hardware compatibility, command lines, the flexibility of the OS, what the OS can or can't do and etc.

One important point to note is the steepness of the learning curve. You should also note how different distros connect to the internet, I'm talking about dial-ups, wireless connections and 'Sony Ericsson mobile broadband modems' (ask MC), not those direct internet access, it's one of the things that drives new user away from using Linux (it's also one of the things I had trouble with).

Good luck with your article, we're all open to give out suggestions if you need any!
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