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Default Other software

Below list is of software, which are not being developed anymore, and just posted here for reference.

Ariad : Short for AutoRun.Inf Access Denied. Which is what the program does. It blocks access to the autorun.inf file. It involves interaction with kernel, and therefore, use with caution is recommended, and that's why I have posted it in this list.

Autorun Cleaner : As the name suggests, it cleans autorun files from the removable drives.
Last version in 2010.

Pendrive Virus Remover : It is supposed to remove virus which commonly affect the pen drives, like, new folder.exe,autorun.inf, bha.vbs, ravmon.exe, etc. Seems like an ambitious project, but sadly seems out of development.
Last version was in Jan, 2011.

Autorun USB Virus Finder : Detects autorun file, and the associated processes.
Beta version. Last version was in March 2011.

Well, there it is. When I decided to write this thread, I did not know I would come across so many software. Hope that a good free software will come along, or be discovered from above, which will be effective against malware from the USB drives, which are quite a big source of malware infection.

If someone has used these software, and post about their effectiveness, please do share on this thread. Or, any other software, which are missing in the list.
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