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I just made a rough check through your log due to time restrictions and I don't find anything unusual there that should cause slow loading of a specific folder on your system. Does all your system start to hang when you access any folder or only that folder?

I suggest you defragment the drive completely including C:\ and see if the problem persists. Check to see if the folder opens slow when you use SafeMode in Windows.

Also as Anupam said the next thing you can do is to run a chkdsk. For this
Click on StartMenu, type cmd, right click on it and select Run as Adminstrator, and then run this command chkdsk /r and then click Y to schedule for the next boot. Then restart the PC and allow chkdsk to run. now try to access that folder.

Also do try accessing the folder from another user account and check to see if the problem still persists.
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