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While everyone is in "trial" mode, why not check out the Chakra installer? I had my smiley face on at the weekend again for another neighbor who asked me to load Chakra into an existing laptop dual boot containing Windows 7 and Ubuntu (replacing the latter). The Chakra installer called "Tribe" has to be the most impressive GUI I've ever seen, but understanding it is another matter. I even managed to find an online tutorial but still had to abort the first attempt.

Had a quick look at the distro after install and it is rather nice. Didn't support many of the desktop effects which I don't think was related to his laptop which is a top end machine. LM Sensors does not work either (this is included in the Chakra notes) so getting any temperature readings to show up was also a no-no. No GUI package manager included either so you need to install this (Apper) via the terminal & Pacman.

If only these ******* things were all the same, Linux life would be so much easier.
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