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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
Sorry to rain on your parade, but the variations in the graph originally posted render it meaningless from a statistical analysis point of view.

Please don't take this to mean I'm anti-Linux, I'm not. I recently converted my Sony Vaio laptop from Vista Ultimate to Ubuntu. The installation was a breeze and, needless to say, I won't be going back!

I'm currently working on simple Linux distros for an article on TSA. What I've seen so far of the 'simple' ones have not impressed. The four I've tested so far all require you to boot the live CD and install from there. The installation process in each case assumes you are familiar with GParted and which file system (I've selected ext3 in all cases) to choose.

When I've worked through them all the results will follow!
Hi rikmayell,
It's ironic that your study is on simple installations
because (as a linux user), the installation is meaningless.

How many partitions did you create? and why?
Did you define the mount points for each?
Why did you choose ext3?

Why is it such a bad thing to know some of this information?
If you could answer a few of these questions correctly, the system
you create will perform better and most likely be faster.
Multiple partitions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Ext3 is a journaling filesystem, if you set it up correctly and
don't exceed about 85% usage, you will probably never have to defrag!!
I find that more interesting then having to answer a question during a
15 minute installation.

If you understand how user and permission structures work in Linux,
you will understand why Linux is inherently safer and much more immune to viruses.
I find that very interesting and so should some of those people running
these expensive bloated anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware applications
that bring their systems down to a crawl, not to mention altering their
DNS and hoping others will block the "BAD" sites.
How about re-booting only once or twice a year... isn't that interesting

How easy is it to install, it's harder than buying Windows pre-installed.
Which is the easiest to install, I don't care, it's meaningless.

At different times, I've installed:
Red Hat,

I had different reasons for each,
but ease of installation never even crossed my mind.

Good luck on your (meaningless) article.

Stick with Linux, and by next year, you'll be writing meaningful articles.
[I][B]Linux, the choice of a GNU generation[/B][/I]
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