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Default Will KDE rise in Popularity or something else?

For those that have noticed any of my rants about Gnome3 know I'm not very happy. I have gone the extra mile with Distros utilizing Gnome3. I have tried mightily to know and love Gnome3 but at every turn I have found nothing but disappointment. It should be noted that the Mate and Cinnamon developers have tried to give users a sane and traditional desktop by heavily patching Gnome.

Those that have been looking for an alternative to Gnome3 or Unity may very well find relief with KDE. I'm beginning to drift back to KDE and Plasma and I'm finding it to be better, allot better than my early Simple Mepis day and more recently my experience with PClinuOS. Sure there is some minor bugs that are more annoying than anything major. At some point those that are still using dated operating systems may have to make the choice between systems that continue to patch Gnome3 or change to KDE, XFCE or Enlightenment. I cant see how patching Gnome3 will be a long term solution.
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