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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
MC, do you still have this problem with Opera 10 or have you got it worked out?

It works for me with Opera 10 Beta :-
I just edited the appropriate file (standard_menu.ini which is now located in C:\Program Files\Opera 10 Beta\ui) as indicated on the Dr. Web website. Even though the file contains different code to that shown, I just went for the corresponding similar location in the new ini file and it worked!
You're right!
Just found some time to attack this again now and it's working fine.
There has definitely been an update to this since I first loaded the program.
Mind you this was on the first day of release! Maybe I should have tried again to edit this back in sooner!

Thanks very much for the info - just wish Dr. Web would find a better shade of green to use for their page
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