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Mepis and Sidux haven't impressed as they force you to boot to the Linux desktop and then run the local disk installation routine. Both require the user to understand how to use GParted to partition the system disk. Worse than that, Mepis expects you to guess the passwords for the 'demo' and 'root' accounts (they're demo and root, but that's hardly the point.)

Not to be picky.

Until more new computers come preloaded with linux, things will remain as they are. Most people will continue to install linux as a dual boot setup up, or perhaps onto a second hard drive. Therefore the issues with partitioning will continue.

The point is, linux will continue to be a secondary OS choice. The vast majority of people will not give up windows. Me included. There remains to many hardware driver problems

As for booting to linux first to install. I would rather get a glimpse of what I am installing before I take the leap.

PS Your average user just expect things to work.
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