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Originally Posted by peter View Post
You're saying Ubuntu isn't a "simple" distribution, I think.
Could you just briefly list some (4, perhaps) that are.
I'm not quibbling, just struggling a bit with these "new" things.
Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu are simple distributions in my view. They allow you to install the OS to the hard drive without booting into Linux and also provide a simple mechanism for disk setup. You can partition the disk yourself if you are familiar with tools like GParted, or simply choose to let the installation routine use the whole drive.

The test PC I'm using is a Dell OptiPlex 170L, Pentium 4, single hard drive, CD writer, 2 Gb RAM (ok I know that's ott) and a wired Ethernet connection. Graphics card is an NVidia GeForce FX 5200. Flat panel display. Nothing too unusual.

The distros I've been asked to check out are:

Freespire, as Xandros is not free and Linspire has been merged with it

Mepis and Sidux haven't impressed as they force you to boot to the Linux desktop and then run the local disk installation routine. Both require the user to understand how to use GParted to partition the system disk. Worse than that, Mepis expects you to guess the passwords for the 'demo' and 'root' accounts (they're demo and root, but that's hardly the point.)

Results will come in due course.

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