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Hi mr6n8, I left it an hour or so with the settings that are recommended in the guide and it seemed to settle down and it also seems to be downloading faster which is great , maybe it just needed a little time the adjust to the new settings I had implemented I don't know , as I said I'm totally new to torrents and I would have been totally lost without your gizmos guide , ( I only got a PC 15months ago so everything I've learnt is all self taught from the internet and alot of it from your site )
I've downloading a few things and I'm letting them seed , 3 of them are seeding with a green bar and 1 is seeding with a red bar ? I've been on utorrent forum / website and it seems that a red seeding lines means it's not uploading ( FYI the file is fully downloaded I'm just letting it seed ) my question is if it's not uploading does that mean it's not seeding ? so hence am I wasting my time seeding it ? and will I get in trouble / banned from the torrent website because I'm not seeding ? even so I can't . The other files seem to be seeding fine.
Thanks for your reply to my other question.
I love Gizmos, it is my bible
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