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Default Flash No More Supported on Android 4.1

Adobe stopped developing and testing Flash Player for the latest Android 4.1 according to An Update on Flash Player and Android.

Quotable quote from TC - The Flash Issue Isnít Just About Mobile:

"...the battle has also had an impact on the way that developers think about multi platform web development. Even when not building for 4-inch screen, theyíre increasingly turning to HTML5 to build new user experiences or render interactive applications, rather than writing to be seen in the Flash player.

Video might be the last industry where the Adobe Flash Player continues to have a hold on how content is displayed, but even then, a growing number of sites are moving to HTML5-based video players for delivery. YouTube and Vimeo are leading that charge, displaying their videos in a HTML5 player first, when available, and only falling back to Flash when the player isnít supported."

Hello HTML5, Bye-bye Flash.
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