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On the whole, I was pleased when Opera started supporting extensions. Although I don't use many, some of them are useful, WOT being one of them. Opera Adblock has, and does, work well enough for me but I was always happy enough to use the built in content blocker in the past. But as we see with other browsers, extensions / add-ons have to be kept up to date or they can begin to cause issues, then we end up with all the compatibility problems - compatibility reporters etc.

I think Sope has used Opera for a long time, as have I, and he's seeing the same thing with Adblock. What I'm saying is that many of the site related issues, pages not loading etc, that are being reported are probably being caused by that particular extension - and yet users are blaming Opera itself, which is not necessarily the case. It's more likely a third party issue.

Opera always has had page rendering issues, always. Some Websites just don't load properly with Presto, some require you have 'send referrer information' enabled for them to show correctly. But I agree that Opera's overall page rendering has vastly improved of late.

I have the latest Flash, Java etc, installed. But running some video sites, or sites with lots of Flash and heavy graphics causes Opera problems at the moment. This wasn't as evident in 11. Perhaps there are issues with Opera and Flash, but I don't see the same problems when using other browsers on the same sites. Maxthon 3 for example runs video almost flawlessly for me, including using the built in pop-out player. And the only time I've had problems with the maps while using Garmin Connect is when I'm accessing the site with Opera - but this is not new to Opera 12.

No doubt, in time, the opere-plugin-wrapper will improve, it's early days for Opera in that respect. I mentioned Maxthon 3 earlier, but that runs more processes than Opera to achieve it's performance and has taken ages in development to get there so, in a way, it's a bit of an unfair comparison. But Opera seemed, to me, to use less resources in previous builds with just the one process running - opera.exe. And although the latest browsers all seem to claim they use less resources these days, I don't particularly notice it much, so Opera is no different there either.

As stated by Opera, many times, the only way to gauge the browser is to run it in default mode, with no extensions installed. I think the developers, in certain cases, are taking a bit of a kicking from users who are probably using an extension laden Opera, when in fact it may be one or two of those extensions causing the issues. Looking at it again, as I have today, indicates to me that Opera Adblock can cause some sites not to load, which in turn gives the impression that the browser is running slow or sluggish - even causing higher resource use.

Nothing's perfect, and these are just my observations. But I wonder how many users have come across these same issues while using / trying Opera 12, only to dismiss the browser as a poor performer and un-install it?
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