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Originally Posted by deya View Post

I have three extensions installed - WOT, Up For Everyone, and Opera Adblock. Tried them one by one and noticed that the extension causing the page loading problems, for me, was Opera Adblock. When that extension is disabled the problem sites load. So it seems to me that Opera may be suffering from the effects of third party add-ons in some cases, problems similar to other browsers that support add-ons / extensions.
It's hard to blame these on the Adblock extensions as a whole. Remember that these extensions are checking the addresses against thousands and more filters to block the ads by calling the content policies and there could be a few false positives here and there. In that case it's best to whitelist the webpage or even the whole domain. You can also put the blame on websites becauses some of them requires the ads to render the page correctly and blocking these ads would be critical.

Originally Posted by deya View Post
I still have issues on some sites, mainly ones containing video [stuttering playback and tabs freezing] - although uTube seems to work fine. And I also have issues with rendering maps on the Garmin site I use, issues which I don't have with any other browser on that site.
It's not necessary that these problems should be concerned with Opera. Until the latest update Flash 11.3 didn't load any videos on Firefox and this news was all over the net to which Adobe apologized later on. If you are not getting videos properly rendered on Opera try updating to the latest patch or downgrade to v11.2. Also there was a issue with the co-existence of Real Player plugin and Adobe Flash. If you're still having problems, hopefully Opera will be fixing them in the next update.

Originally Posted by deya View Post
Memory still ramps up high when using the latest Opera, but using the old trick of minimising the browser to the tray then re-opening it knocks memory use back down again. That doesn't worry me because I have plenty of RAM, but even so, Opera has become more resource hungry from what I can see - both with XP and Win 7.
I wonder when will Firefox follow this suit, of minimizing the web browser to reduce memory consumption while not active. Opera 11.5 was lighter than v12, may be this was because plugin processes wasn't separated from the main process.

All that being said, in all the latest tests at Tom's Hardware Web Browser Grand Prix involving the 5 major browsers, Opera seems to lead by a good margin against other browsers in proper page load reliability category since v11. I can see this from personal experience too. Page rendering problems with Opera is a thing of the past. Also for the first time Opera came out as the winner after a long break in his tests, the spot which was usually occupied by Chrome or Firefox.
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