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Had a bit of time to mess around with Opera this afternoon. I did a clean install of Opera 12 Final, it seems to run better than before although there are still glitches. I also installed the latest Opera Next snapshot, which also runs a little bit better.

I was looking through some of the bug reports on the Opera site, users have posted links to sites that they say don't load or render correctly so I tried a couple and got the same results, pages didn't load correctly. So I decided to disable the extensions I have installed and try the pages again. This time they loaded.

I have three extensions installed - WOT, Up For Everyone, and Opera Adblock. Tried them one by one and noticed that the extension causing the page loading problems, for me, was Opera Adblock. When that extension is disabled the problem sites load. So it seems to me that Opera may be suffering from the effects of third party add-ons in some cases, problems similar to other browsers that support add-ons / extensions.

I still have issues on some sites, mainly ones containing video [stuttering playback and tabs freezing] - although uTube seems to work fine. And I also have issues with rendering maps on the Garmin site I use, issues which I don't have with any other browser on that site.

Memory still ramps up high when using the latest Opera, but using the old trick of minimising the browser to the tray then re-opening it knocks memory use back down again. That doesn't worry me because I have plenty of RAM, but even so, Opera has become more resource hungry from what I can see - both with XP and Win 7.

I hope they take their time to iron out the glitches before releasing any more updates to the Final version. I decided to clean install Opera 12, thinking that maybe too many over the tops in the past could have been the problem. Doing that appears to have improved performance but, as I said, I also think that the Opera Adblock extension is causing some problems.
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