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My thoughts ...
For an introductory tablet it has some catchy innovation. This will appeal to some of the young folks in marketing or sales. A reliance on Outlook may make this tablet quite attractive to the mobile business community. The USB port is a smart move. RIM and Apple missed the boat here.

MS has had some dismal offerings in the smartphone market and they are slow in getting W8 to this technology. Many companies are allowing employees to use their system of choice for company communications and app sharing.The Iphone and Androids own this space.

So many corporations and government offices still use an XP desktop. Many have not converted over to W7 and it looks like W8 will be a nightmare for them to use. This is where Microsofts core business resides. The Surface tablet will not be a player in this space. MS may need to introduce a snazzy desktop with a migration path from XP to 'W7 business' (I am pre-announcing on their behalf). Governments are switching over to Linux in droves ... maybe the corp world will be next!
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