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Default https vs http for Google and Bing

Is there any significant security advantage to setting a search engine address to https versus http?

The reason I ask is that I noticed that you can set your home page (if it is a search engine) as either https or http. As an example, the default for Google and Bing is http, however both offer https.

On Bing, a popup appears when you try to set it to https that states that some functions may not work properly with https.

I reset both on my W7 system to https to see what differences there might be.

I accessed a few of my usual sites (none of them dodgy) and from what I could determine there was no loss of function. The only thing that did happen on Bing was that I could not download a file. I got the 'save to or cancel' option but nothing happened when I clicked on 'save to' , then the same for 'cancel'. The site I was trying to download from was this site.
NB: This is the first time I used Bing. It is not my browser of choice.

I also tried it on Firefox. I set google to https. There were no popups and I could download the same file from this website without any problems. I did not try it on Chrome.

Is it 'safer' to set these addresses to https or is this not for the average user?
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