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Not forgetting that at all. That is just a different subject. When we mention market dominance, that was something that Microsoft had for from the late 80s in to the early 2000s. If we turned back the clock 15 years ago [I]no one[I] would have ever believed that Apple would have become so dominant. Beat HP? IBM? Microsoft? Never gonna happen...-ahem-

Point here is again, that I think the bashing is pointless. Without the competition people and companies get complacent and we see products and services atrophy. US auto industry can be a perfect example. When their ivory tower is threatened do these things really get moving again, which is fine by me cause in the end we see a level of hustle and innovation that we might not see otherwise. So god bless Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Google, cause as long as they keep slugging it out, the consumer ends up with the best choices and may the best man win.
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